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Ford Chevrolet Pontiac
Height 51 in.* 51 in. 51 in.
Weight 3400 lbs. 3400 lbs. 3400 lbs.
Wheel base 110 in. 110 in. 110 in.
Wheels (Inches) 9.5 x 15 9.5 x 15 9.5 x 15
Fuel Cell 22 Gal. 22 Gal. 22 Gal.
Fuel Brand All Competitors must run Unocal 76
Fuel Octane 104 Octane for all competitors
Brakes Four-wheel disc brakes on all cars
Ignition Primary and backup ignition system

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To my Lovely and supporting wife Na!!!!

Keeping up a web page such as this is Never Easy as updates are happening 2 to 3 times a week. Na, has been my inspiration to keep this page updated, and in top-notch shape. This is my way, my Love to say I Love You!!!!!!