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Our Trip to the 1998 Daytona 500 With Pics.
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Bill Elliott's Autograph

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Id like to thank each and every one of you for your support all season.
May next season be just as much fun as this one.

Hi, I'm Jim. Id like to welcome you to my Bill Elliott Web Page. My goals are to keep you up to date with up to the minute NASCAR Winston Cup race results and Qualifying Results as they happen. My Favorite NASCAR drivers are as follows...Bill Elliott, Mark Martin, Jeff Burton, Dale Jarrett, and Dale Earnhardt...Im also a Die-Hard die cast collector of NASCAR and Busch cars. just begining really..I hope you enjoy this page, any comments, good or bad will be appreciated very much..

Also please sign my GuestBook and let me know what youd like to see...

Bill's New Taurus

Bills Picture

The Real Bill

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the Talent of a Great NASCAR driver. We therefore claim no ownership, nor responsibility
to any claims made.

Make a Wish It may come True!

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Bill's 1998 Taurus

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Please dont Drink & Drive

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Welcome Back
Dale Earnhardt

The Intimidator!!!!

To my Lovely and supporting wife Na!!!!

Keeping up a web page such as this is Never Easy as updates are happening 2 to 3 times a week. Na, has been my inspiration to keep this page updated, and in top-notch shape. This is my way, my Love to say I Love You!!!!!!

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Thanks to All that have visited this Season

Bill's Coor's Car

The record Breaking Car

Bill's Coor's Lite Car

Bills 1991 Blue Coors Lite Car

Put your Heart in Dixie Or get YOur Ass Out!!

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I Love You Nadine Pugh

Special Thanks

                  As the 1999 Racing season starts I would like to take
                  the time to dedicate this Page to my Lovely and supporting
                  Wife Nadine. Thank you Darlin, for Tolerating me during
                  the Hectic Season. This is the Best way I know to Thank
                  you for the 17 years of Love, Respect, and Admiration
                  that you have given me...I may not stop & say it as
                  often as I should, but it IS there for you my Love.

I Love You Na

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