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Welcome to my Bill Elliott Page

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Days till the Next Silly Season Starts

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       As we end the stupid season of 1998, lets look back.
       First Rick Hendrick wasnt satisfied with the performance
       of Ricky Craven, so put him on the disabled drivers list.
       Finally after lots of pushing by his sponser, fired Craven
       replacing him with Wally Dallenbach, who was fired just a 
       week or so before by Felix Sabates. Well good stories are
       coming from this story, as Ricky has a full time Cup job
       next year. Dallenbach will also drive the #50 car for 1999.

Then out of the blue Elliott-Marino Racing fires Jerry Nadeau. they have had a very dificult time replacing Nadeau. They also lost their Sponser for 1999. It is at press time Rumored that they have the Tobasco sponsership. It is also rumored thatD.W. will drive the car for Elliott Marino.
More Later!!!!!

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Days till end of the 1999 Stupid Season

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    I Love You Nadine Pugh

             Now that the 1998 Winston Cup season is over i'd like
             to thank my wife of 17 1/2 years, Na. Thanks for putting
             up with my NASCAR obsession.

    I'd also like to thank my daughter Brandi.

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    Jeff Gordon

           Jeff and his crew put up an outstanding 1998 season
           even with one of the best performances of his carreer
           Mark could do nothing with him.

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